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Interprofessional Spine Assessment and Education Clinics

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The Osteoarthritis Research Program has spearheaded various initiatives:

An example of the impact the Osteoarthritis Program has on society is the Inter-Professional Spine Assessment and Education Clinics (ISAEC), pioneered by orthopedic surgeon Dr. Raj Rampersaud, whereby patients with low back pain were evaluated by an integrated network of musculoskeletal specialists. With this care model, instead of waiting months, patients were seen within 12 days.


Over half of the patients reported an improvement in their symptoms and over 80% did not need to see a spine surgeon. Over 95% of patients reported improved satisfaction with the care they received and the health system experienced significant cost reductions.


Impressed by these results, the Ontario Ministry of Health invested $37 million in the program. This is because Dr. Rampersaud and his team demonstrated significant improvements in the assessment, resource utilization, and management across the continuum of care for low back pain.


At UHN, the ISAEC integrated care concept was expanded to patients with shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle pain and they are seen at the Rapid Access Clinic (RAC) with extraordinary results.

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