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Major Research Focus

This program is focused on creating cell-based therapeutics for joint regeneration and OA treatment. The core expertise includes tissue engineering, cell therapies, and cell-derived therapies as well as translating bench research in regenerative medicine into clinical trials.

OA Regenerative Medecine

This program is focused on identifying disease-modifying Osteoarthritis Drugs.

Joint Restoration Therapeutics

This program focuses on understanding different subtypes of Osteoarthritis phenotypes using clinical cohorts and molecular techniques.

OA Molecular Phenotyping

This program is focused on creating and implementing new patient-centred models of care that enable translation and integration of i-v to provide optimized access, personalized assessment, personalized care and ongoing community support.

Center for Health Transformation

This program uses an informatics/big data approach to create new predictive tools to determine the outcomes of treatments/interventions.

OA Predictive Analytics

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