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The Orthobiologics Center at The Schroeder Arthritis Institute focuses

on  Orthobiologics and Novel Cellular and Gene Therapies for Osteoarthritis. 


Led by Drs. Sowmya Viswanathan, Christopher Kim and Christian Veillette, this centre combines scientific rigour and evidence-based medicine to advance research in four pillars:​

Pillar 1

An orthobiologics registry based on an AI approach that will inform a clinic of the future.

Pillar 2

A Health Canada-authorized clinical trial evaluating bone marrow aspirate, lipoaspirate against platelet-rich plasma.

Pillar 3

A Health Canada-authorized clinical trial evaluating allogeneic fat-derived mesenchymal stromal cell therapy.

Pillar 4

Next-generation technologies including gene therapies, 3D printed scaffolds, and pluripotent stem cell-derived immunotherapies to treat osteoarthritis, developed in Viswanathan Lab.

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