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Informatics Core Facility Center

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Arthritis Center for Diagnostic & Therapeutic Innovation

Informatics cORE fACILITY center

The Informatics Core brings cost-effective integrative computational biology solutions to the Schroeder Arthritis Institute. We aim to foster collaboration and to help advance the research of Schroeder Investigators working across spectrum of arthritis conditions. The Informatics core is directed by Dr. Igor Jurisica

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The collaborative process begins by consulting with the Computational Biologist to plan, design and budget for the analyses of interest. Our Computational Biologist will work closely with lab personnel to identify the analyses more appropriate to answer the research questions at hand and will be providing updates at specific checkpoints. After completion of the analyses, details about methods and resources used as well as results in table and publication-ready image format will be provided to the lab contact person.

For quotes and initial consultation, please contact our Computational Biologist, Dr. Chiara Pastrello.

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