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Many Canadians take for granted the ability to perform simple tasks such as grocery shopping, taking a walk or mowing the lawn. For many others, however, these everyday tasks are anything but routine. That's because one in six Canadians live with the burden of arthritis or an autoimmune disease. 

Arthritis patients are our parents and grandparents, our brothers and sisters, our friends and co-workers. And some day soon, many more Canadians will find themselves fighting this disease, which costs our economy an estimated $33 billion each year.

The Campaign to Cure Arthritis was launched by UHN Foundation to support the Schroeder Arthritis Institute with the end goal of advancing: 

  • Discovery research programs dedicated to finding curative therapies 

  • Transforming the care experience with an integrated model of care that puts the patients first

  • Training the next generation of world-learning arthritis specialists

Can we do this? Absolutely. 

The Campaign to Cure Arthritis


Our goal is simple:

To find a cure for Arthritis.... 

Let’s find a cure, together.

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Join us in making these breakthroughs a reality in our lifetime. Find out how you can be part of this effort.

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